Guest Blogging at it’s finest!!!

I’ve been very fortunate the last half of 2014! I’ve been published in the 3-17-14 issue of Woman’s Day magazine for my weight loss story.

May I was featured as the Fit Mom Diet “Momspiration” sharing my weight loss story, what it’s like to have celiac disease, personal favorites, motivation and inspiration I others!!
In June I was featured as the very first guest blogger for Click Espresso Protein drink. I shared my weight loss story, favorites, inspiration and love of Click!!
Just recently, I was just featured as a guest blogger “weight loss success story” on the Bulu Box blog. I wrote about commitment to yourself, ways to stay motivated, being on a restricted diet due to celiac and eTing gluten free.

After being so fortunate to share my story in hopes that others struggling with the same issues (celiac, weight loss, finding gluten free snack choices, feeling good about yourself and the motivation to continue your journey) will find inspiration in my words knowing I have been there, done that and rose to the top. “I aspire to inspire” and will bend over backwards to help anyone who asks for help.

At this point I’m teaching 7 plus classes (Boot Camp and HIIT) a week and finalizing my Certified Personal Trainer certification. I’ve done one on one training and or classes to help individuals who are uncomfortable being in a group “class” at the beginning of their journey, in order to streamline them slowly into a class setting.
On top of that I’ve started my own photography business (which I’ve always wanted and have been trained/certified for awhile now.) I just never had the free time with the kids being small and put it off. Now, I’m doing both fitness and photography and couldn’t be happier. 😃
One more benefit, I hope, I’ve got in the works is going back to school in the fall full time for fitness/health and a side of photography fun!! I’m so excited!!!!!
Stay tuned for updated guest blog posts and lots of fun in fitness!!!
I’ve started a whole new blog for my photography business so look for that up and running 100% soon!!!