The Clicks of the Clock


We had a great weekend! The weather was decent and we took the bike out and hit some stops on our yearly adventure The Route 66 Cannon Run. Every year we buy 2 books of tickets and we start a new year. There are only 66 stops and we try to hit them all! A few years ago they pushed the limit and had 100 stops and we actually hit 97 of them. Seriously, 66 stops is plenty. It’s fun to hit the same bars each year but a new one or two is always fun.

So we ended up hitting like 4-5 stops Saturday and 3 more on Sunday. Due to it being Easter, one bar wasn’t open but we had a mailbox Dropbox for our tickets. It was gorgeous, 77 and we weren’t wearing jackets. It was a great day. I even took a “selfie” and posted it on Facebook.

Upon returning home, we passed so many other bikes on the roads and just enjoyed knowing so many other people got out and enjoyed the weather as well. We we’re beat tired and had gotten some good sun. Once home, we fed the kids and settled in with what we thought was a great weekend and Easter Sunday.

All the sudden my phone started blowing up. A friend instant messages me stating, “Please tell me you are home and safe!” She went on to explain there had been an accident close to where she was at the time and it involved several motorcycles. Knowing we were out riding (from Facebook) she wanted to make sure it wasn’t us. During the next half hour, I got text after text after instant messages asking if we were home and safe. As I started reading the feed on my timeline, a story began to unfold.

The accident happened so fast and involved 5 motorcycles. I’m sure if your like several individuals I know, your thinking, “What kind of motorcycles? Harley’s? Sports bikes? (crotch rockets). Come to find out as the evening unfolded, they were sports bikes and there were 5 in the group. An Infinity QX56 SUV veered across its lane and directly into the oncoming lane. With no reaction time, the first two bikes were hit and down. The other 3 bikes were able to take action and avoid the crash. The driver of the SUV never stopped! It’s now a hit and run. After reading our local police scanner page on Facebook, it became evident that the two young men on the motorcycles which were hit and went down, did not survive. The first one, Mitch Vance, 24 was DOA at the scene and the second Devin Julius, 18 died at the hospital after transport.

As a motorcycle enthusiast, rider and licensed to ride my own, this has impacted me hard. We started in 2010 with a CBR1000RR and then I bought my Harley Sportster 1200 Custom. My husband loved my Harley so we purchased one for him or us together soon after. We got a FatBoy Lo. Within weeks, we had gotten each if our 3 kids a Yamaha dirt bike. A Yamaha YZ 250, Yamaha RT 180 and a Yamaha YZ 100. We had 6 motorcycles in our garage!!! Yes it was a bit much but so much fun! We started liquidating them last year for lack of use, the kids were too busy and I want a different Harley. The CBR1000RR was last to go. My husband loved that bike but I didn’t like it compared to the comfort on a Harley. We still have the FatBoy Lo and once my daughter graduates (few months) I’m getting my new bike!

Need-less-to-say, this has hit the community hard. With updates daily on the hit and run vehicle and the search being broadened into Illinois and body shops, dealerships and neighborhoods all aware of what this coward was driving and what the damage is.

I haven’t really slept much and am actually afraid to get back on the bike. It just doesn’t seem possible that this has happened so close to home. I’ve been interacting with fellow riders from the WSBR club (Wisconsin Sports Bike Riders) and as a whole, it’s amazing to know how much we all have come together to out together a Memorial Ride, we all are updated as to each of the young men’s funerals and getting in contact with family. It’s simply unbelievably amazing! Whether we knew the lost riders or not, it doesn’t matter. We all support each other and are determined to find the vehicle/driver who murdered these two young souls.

Easter didn’t exactly turn out how we figured it would. I know one thing for sure, there are two new Guardian Angel’s watching over all of us as we ride these roads! None of us know when our time on our clock is going to be up, so live it doing what you love. Ride on Mitch and Devin and know you are loved and missed by all who knew and didn’t know you! <img src="" alt="image" width="169"

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