Glutino……everything gluten free


Glutino gluten free products are some of my absolute favorites! The white sandwich bread is by far the best consistency of any white gluten free bread. I didn’t even know the difference after just eating it plain or made into a sandwich.

I used that bread for 3 days in the kids lunches. My daughter is celiac like me so finding lunch options are hard. The typical go to is a sandwich and finding a decent bread has been mind numbing until now! She lived it and my boys had no clue it was any different from the usual bread I use. The next few days I used the multigrain gluten free bread which was surprisingly soft and tasty as well. The boys realized mainly due to it being an off white color with noticeable grains within each piece but didn’t complain at all. They liked the idea of me doing something different for their lunches as they tend to get boring. My daughter once again lived the idea of an actual sandwich and was eating the bread plain when I got home that same day.

Glutino pretzels are my favorite! In the past I’ve used the pretzel sticks in my gluten free chex mix and enjoyed straight from the bag for a quick pick me up. I was blown away by the honey mustard flavor! Can you say scrumptious? There is no way that these are gluten free and can still taste this great. My daughter couldn’t wait to get her hands on them and soon after the bag was missing. All I got was a few but it was enough to make me run out and buy more!
My overall rating on these products is a 12 out if 10! Above and beyond in taste, quality and selection!!! I recommend getting all of it the next time you grocery shop!


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