Spring has sprung?

After a very long winter, it’s about time we have some decent weather here in Wisconsin! (Speaking of Wisconsin, I just have to add, our Badgers have kicked it up a notch and made it to the Final Four in the NCAA!!!!)
Yesterday my husband I were fortunate to take out our Harley for a beautiful ride and we stopped and dropped tickets at destinations on our WI Cannon Run which we have been doing now for 4 years!! The weather made it to 60 so we used up the hours prior to the sun going down and it getting colder.

Since tomorrow is April Fools Day I’m hoping Mother Nature doesn’t think it wise to play another prank and add snow to our forecast.
I can’t wait to get outside, walking, running, riding my bike and playing softball and (maybe) sand volleyball this year!
Back when I was over 200 pounds and felt horrible everyday, I wouldn’t even want to go outside let alone be active. Now, it’s a complete 180 and I’m up for most everything fitness, sport related or just enjoying the outdoors.

This past week has had my mood up and down. Actually Friday it was way down and then quickly turned up!
I have been waiting on a few places to hold my TDF Boot Camp and HIIT IT classes and I was getting discouraged. Well, no longer!!!! I got not one but two calls and have plans in the works for one other place, giving me 3 venues and a range of times in order to teach my TDF Boot Camp and HIIT IT classes!!!! Funny how things change. This week, I’m working on the finalization of everything, finishing up my CPR certification and planning everything I need to start!
I guess the time is right since it’s all coming together. 😃

Next week I’ll be reviewing my awesome Polar watch and how to use it for fitness goals. For now don’t forget to always think positive and keep your eye on the prize because if you want it, you Can obtain it!





Certifications 2014

Worth today's pain!

Worth today’s pain!

Mentoring the newbies

Mentoring the newbies

Seriously at my age, I figured I may have some issues from going to class on a Friday for HIIT IT and then an 8 hour day of HIIT IT Certification to teach it might be much. To top that off, the plan was to also go another 8 hour day on Sunday to help groom and mentor new Instructors for TDF Bootcamp. Yes, I did it, yes, I hurt and my body tells me it hates me. After I got home, I literally felt like the Walking Dead but had to stay awake so I actually could watch The Walking Dead!! I also survived Monday morning HIIT IT class like a trooper and then tackled groceries and preparing food when I got home. That was it….. After that, I did very little and took Tuesday off!

Today is Wednesday and I’m starting my TDF Iron Bombshell Muscle Builder program for 12 full weeks. I’ll post before and afters when I’m done but this program is supposed to really help sculpt and tone with weights incorporating Bootcamp moves!! I’m excited and not buying my new bikini until I’m finished!

Over the last week, I have been fortunate to receive some great products to try and review or been chosen to be a few companies “Brand Ambassador”! My next blog will be about one of those products and my complete review. Soon after there will also be a give away coming to one lucky person!!

If I haven’t mentioned it, I’ve got two separate Facebook pages you should really take a look at.


I decided to see if I had a following for fitness and Celiac (gluten free) and found out that I do! With that info, I will be starting another blog on the nutrition and celiac topic as well.

I’ll be talking more in depth as to the iron bombshell muscle builder program through TDF.



A New Day

Hello!! I’m so happy that I have a chance to tell you about myself!

In 2010, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease after I started breaking out in severe chronic hives in 1989 and it changed everything! Once I started eating better and took gluten out of my diet, the hives started to go away. Feb 8, 2011 my father had a massive stroke and god took him. This was after I had already lost my Grandma (1999), a son (2000) and my mother (2001). It was then when I had my lightbulb moment and decided I wasn’t going to live miserable, unhealthy and depressed anymore! My clothes didn’t fit, I was 228 and fat! I went out and bought a kick butt treadmill. I started using ifit programs for weight loss with Jillian Michaels and wrote out my bucket list of goals and started checking them off! I started loosing the weight fairly fast thanks to my restricted diet and the gluten being out of my body. I went off almost all medications and was feeling great! 

Now, I have switched it all up and do heavy weight lifting, HIIT and cross fit! I am a TDF Ambassador along with being a Certified Train Dirty Fitness Bootcamp Instructor, TDF HIIT IT Instructor and part of the TDF BombSquad! I LOVE fitness and how I feel. I am pursuing my goal of becoming a CPT. First however, I am schooling for a nutrition and fitness certification in order to make meal plans with workouts for each individual. I will specialize in gluten free and regular diets along with other dietary restrictions. 
I was recently contacted by Woman’s World magazine and they did a story about my life and all my struggles with the gluten/wheat free diet and weight loss and journey to getting fit again! It was on shelves and dated 3/17/14!!! I’m praying that will reach out and help others become aware of health issues and how it relates to gluten. 

My motivation comes from the way I feel daily, my TDF sisters, people coming to me for advice and asking me to share info on everything from nutrition, working out and living healthy in general. I’m a walking billboard that it can be done! I in turn motivate others by uplifting them in any, even the smallest, ways of lifestyle changes or weight loss. I found that a positive attitude isn’t only good for others self esteem but turns out it makes me unbelievably happy as well knowing I can help.

I sell and use Isagenix, Younique and a few products through TDF (whey powder and the bombshell 12 week programs)

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